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CRA Tax Collections

Canadian income taxes owing are due in full when CRA issues an income tax assessment or after a tax audit when a tax reassessment is issued.
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Tax Planning

Tax planning or tax minimization for individuals and corporations is an ongoing process that minimizes taxes through various strategies, maximizes tax credits while at the same time protecting assets.
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Tax Audit

A CRA audit is the start of the tax investigation and a Canadian taxpayer needs professional representation from the start. Never speak to CRA by yourself. Always have your Canadian tax lawyer deal with CRA on your behalf.
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Tax Appeals

When you file a tax return the Canada Revenue Agency will issue a Notice of Assessment. Similarly the result of a tax audit will be that CRA issues a Notice of Reassessment.
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Tax Evasion & Tax Fraud

As income tax lawyers in Toronto our clients are sometimes investigated by the Canada Revenue Agency for tax fraud or tax evasion.
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Daily Tax Return Preparation Tips

Claim out of pocket employment expenses - April 20, 2016

If your employer requires that you incur expenses that are not reimbursed you can claim an income tax deduction for those expenses provided that you employer has provided you with a form T2200.

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Vitamins not deductible as medical expenses - April 19, 2016

The cost of vitamins, even if prescribed by a physican, are not eligible for a medical tax credit.

File tax return to receive credits even if no income - April 18, 2016

Many tax benefits are being distributed through the tax system as tax credits through the personal T1 tax return. So, if no income tax return is filed, no benefits are available, for example the GST/HST credit. Some benefits, like the Working Income Tax Benefit, have to be applied for every year. Furthermore some provinces for example Ontario, offer sales tax credits and property tax credits for low income earners. but only through the income tax return.

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