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Tax Evasion & Tax Fraud

As income tax lawyers in Toronto our clients are sometimes investigated by the Canada Revenue Agency for tax fraud or tax evasion.

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CRA Tax Audit

We deal with CRA audits &auditors on a daily basis. So what is a tax audit? This article will explain what to expect if you are audited for taxes.

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Income Tax Planning

Tax planning is an ongoing process that minimizes taxes through various strategies, maximizes tax credits while at the same time protecting assets.

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CRA Tax Collection

Canadian income taxes owing are due in full when CRA issues an income tax assessment or after a tax audit when a tax reassessment is issued.

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Latest Tax Happenings

Proposed Tax Amendments Announced

The Department of Finance announced 3 changes to the Canadian Income Tax Act on Tue July 18.

CRA Net Worth Audits

CRA is making more use of indirect tax audit techniques, including net worth tax audits.

New GST/HST Rules for Ride Sharing

CRA released the latest tax evasion prosecution stats for April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017 on September 7, 2017. While 335 cases were referred for criminal investigations and 123 search warrants executed, there were only 37 tax evasion convictions. These convictions resulted in $10 million in court fines and 50.6 years of jail time. Both the number of cases referred for tax fraud investigation and the number of success prosecutions for tax evasion are down from the previous year.

Proposed Tax Changes Attack Small Business

Changes to the Canadian Income Tax Act announced in the middle of the summer have attracted notice after Labour Day. The proposals target small business and incorporated professionals and would largely eliminate income splitting or sprinkling as well as the multiplication of the lifetime capital gains exemption.

The Income Tax Experts In Our Team

A perfect mix of experience and ability makes income tax issues a subject of ease

David J. Rotfleisch

David J. Rotfleisch

Income Tax Lawyer

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Kevin Persaud

Income Tax Lawyer

Canadian Tax Lawyer - Jack Wong

Jack Wang

Income Tax Lawyer

How to win An Income Tax Audit?

  • Retain a Chartered Professional Accountant to prepare your books
  • Hire a professional tax advisor as soon as CRA contacts you
  • Ensure that your tax case is good
  • Respond to CRA on a timely basis
  • Keep informed about your tax dispute
  • Appeal the tax case if you lose

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Some Latest Tax Stories

A Man Glancing Out the Airplane Window

Guide To Canadian Tax Rules on Benefits Arising from Use of Corporate Assets (Money, Trips, Boats, Cars, Space Trips etc.), Tax Lawyer Explains

Introduction Business owners are often tempted to dip into the corporation’s pockets to pay for personal expenses. A temptation which seems like a relatively insignificant transgression but in reality, is a decision that can create dire tax consequences. A...

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What type of cra tax problems does taxlawcanada cover?

Rotfleisch and Samulovitch P.C. covers a wide range of CRA tax issues, including: net worth audits, voluntary disclosures, tax audits, business startup planning and more. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your tax issue or dispute.

Who should I contact when having tax problems?

It’s recommended that you contact a tax lawyer immediately to evaluate your options. Click here to get in touch with Rotfleisch and Samulovitch P.C.