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Rotfeisch & Samulovitch PC is a Toronto-based boutique Canadian Tax Law firm specializing in income tax and business law.You cannot ignore the tax problem thinking that it will go away. In fact, ignoring the tax issue is the worst thing you can do. There’s just one proper answer to a tax problem – an effective tax solution that’s just right for you. We:

  • Offer tax planning advice to businesses, self-employed professionals, corporations, organizations and charities.
  • Offer tax help to start-up businesses including proper tax structuring.
  • Help clients bring tax filings up-to-date through the Voluntary Disclosure Program(VDP).
  • Help clients make a tax amnesty (voluntary disclosure) application for unreported income or offshore assets.
  • Provide tax planning advice for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Represent taxpayer’s interests and defend their rights in CRA tax audits or tax investigations.
  • File Notices of Objection to challenge incorrect or unfair tax assessments and reassessments.
  • Appeal to the Tax Court of Canada to fight for taxpayer rights.
  • Bring rectification applications to court to correct improperly documented transactions.
  • Represent the taxpayers when CRA denies their charitable contributions.
  • Submit taxpayer relief applications (fairness applications) for the cancellation of interest and penalty assessments.
  • Negotiate with CRA collections officers to arrive at an acceptable payment plan to prevent bank account seizure, wage garnishment, personal property liens, and harassment by CRA agents.


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