Tax Representation

Get effective tax representation for tax debt from our best Toronto income tax lawyers

As a manager or an owner of a successful Canadian small business, you could be overwhelmed by a tax assessment or a Tax Statement of Account that shows a balance owing that is impossible to pay. The CRA has extensive tax collection powers and can disrupt your business with aggressive tax collection tactics. As soon as you are contacted by the CRA you should immediately reach out to one of our Canadian income tax lawyers who will fight the CRA on your behalf so that you can concentrate on running your business without hindrances.

As soon as CRA notifies you of an income tax debt it has to be addressed immediately. If ignored a CRA collections officer will commence tax enforcement actions which includes seizing your bank accounts and  registering a lien on your house. Your wages or accounts receivable or rents may also be garnisheed by the CRA Collection officers. Always remember that a CRA Collection officer comes knocking at your house or office door with only one purpose- collect as much as possible as quickly as possible. Therefore always retain one of our professional Toronto income tax lawyers and never speak to CRA by yourself. A taxpayer may also receive a notice from the CRA of its intention to audit. An income tax audit can be a frightening experience and a very expensive one if a tax professional such as one of our top Toronto income tax lawyers is not involved as soon as the tax auditor contacts you.

Our Toronto income tax lawyers deal with the CRA on a daily basis. If you owe the full tax debt we may be able to reduce penalties and interest by filing a Taxpayer Relief (Fairness) Application. We will negotiate payment arrangements with the CRA tax collections officer in order to avoid enforcement actions such as bank account seizure or wage garnishments and where the amount is too large to pay off we will direct you to a bankruptcy trustee who will either make a consumer proposal or submit a bankruptcy application to fully eliminate the taxes owing. In cases where a taxpayer disagrees with the outcome of an income tax audit we may be able to challenge the tax assessment by filing a tax Notice of Objection. You will only have 90 days to appeal by filing a Notice of Objection. The tax Notice of Objection will also suspend all collection actions.  Our expert Canadian income tax lawyers can provide detailed assistance in filing your income tax objection. CRA may have many tax collection powers but if you are audited by the CRA or contacted by a tax collections officer, remember that our best Canadian income tax lawyers are always on your side.